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Open Twilio Console

Login Username & Password 

Step 1: Create Sub Account

 Goto Settings → Sub AccountsScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.11.17_PM.png

 Click on the + symbol to add a new sub-accountScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.12.08_PM.png

 It will prompt you to enter the friendly name, this should be the domain name of the merchant. (Characters should match with the cas.merchant table name field)Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.12.45_PM.png

Step 2: Copy SID and Token

 Once you create the subaccount, open the subaccount from the list given. You will be able to see their dashboard and the SID and token on the right side of the screen.Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.13.20_PM.png

 This information will be going to our configuration table called twilio_accountScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.13.57_PM.png


Domain is the domain of the merchant.

SID is the SID of the sub-account we created for the merchant (From the above screenshot)

AuthToken: This is the auth token from the above screenshot

 ParentSID: is the SID of retailcoud account ( master account). You can find this from the first screen we load when we log in (master account dashboard)Screenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.14.37_PM.png

Step 3: Assign a from address

Once we set up this.

We need to configure the from address need to be used by this account. In Twilio, we can buy phone numbers or messaging services, or shortcodes and assign them to a domain on the retailcloud side. At present we have a phone number on Twilio that can be used for multiple domains.


 On cas database we have `twilio_from_address` table to store phone numberScreenshot_2023-04-10_at_6.15.47_PM.png

We can map the domain and phone number as shown above.

AddressType: this can be either of these



Priority is given to messaging service ID then ShortCode then the phone number.




if we wish to assign a from address for a specific type of communication we can set the communication type. By default, GENERAL will be applied.

Once these setups are done then we can start using the SMS with the new domain


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