How To Set up Gift Card Program?(WinPOS/TabPOS)



Our system has an integrated gift card program. Once you have received your Giftcard Merchant ID and TerminalID (as well as your physical gift cards) you should enter the information into the system.

Step 1:  CAS Set up of Gift Card Merchant Account

Set up the Gift Card Merchant Account in CAS

Configuration --> Payment Settings --> Gift Card


The User can select the location of the update to push to by selecting the appropriate Venue, Store and Register dropdowns. If ALL is selected, then the settings will go to all units within the domain.

Select Smart Transactions under Gift Card.

The Merchant Number is provided by your gift card provider.

The Terminal ID is also provided by the gift card provider and should be an individual number for each terminal. and Save

Step 2: Creating a Gift Card Item 

Create Item "Gift Card" so you have the item to sell when a customer purchases a Gift Card

Transaction: Management > Inventory Classification > Master Item


You will need to create an item for your Gift Cards from the master item page

Assign an ItemID number (such as 100), a name (such as Gift Card), and selling price of Zero, so amount of the gift card is prompted during the sale. You need to be sure to change the item type to Prepaid.  This will be non taxable item. Save

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