Types of Discounts


Discounts can be applied at the POS in one of two ways; at a transaction level where the discount is applied across all items in the transaction, or at an item level, where it is applied on a single item. In addition, items can be modified to always ring up at a discount by applying a discount code at the master item level or at a price list level.

Tiering of discounts

If a discount is in place at an item level, transaction level, and part of a multiple item discount - all of the discounts will not be taken. The system tiers the discount so that they supersede ones placed at a lower level.

Lowest level: Item level discount (this will be in effect if no other discount is used)

Transaction Level Discount: This supersedes item-level discounts

Types of Discounts

Discount Percentage

Discounts can be applied at a straight Percentage deducted from the selling price.

Amount Based

Discounts can be applied at a straight Amount deducted from the selling price.

Cost + Preset Percentage

An item can be discounted to Cost Price Plus a Percentage

Multi Item Discount

Multi-item discounts are essentially pricing on bundles (or packages) and so their pricing should be treated as an individual promotional unit price.

Variable Discount

Variable discounts can also be set up so the cashier is prompted for the discount percent at the sales screen.



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