Setup for HTTP GET 


How to Setup HTTP GET on Pax S300?

Connect your PAX S300 Terminal on the same network as your POS (Connect Ethernet cable to the same place the POS is getting internet from Router or Modem). Log into the Pax to retrieve the IP address assigned for the Pax

  1. Press Function key & key 1 simultaneously to display Menu.
  2. Enter the password. The password by default is the current date entered in (mm/dd/yyyy) format.
  3. Press Enter
  4. Press the down arrow and click on Communication.
  5. Enter the password.
  6. Tap twice on the down arrow from the Communication option screen.
  7. Click on ECR Comm. Type.
  8. Select Ethernet
  9. Default Communication Port Id will be displayed. (Do not make any changes)
  10. Press the Enter (green key)
  11. Select HTTP GET.

Don't change the Communication Port number , you will need it to configure the Pax to the POS.

Once you set the Communication Protocol to HTTP GET and get the IP Address and Communication Port. You are ready to configure it with the POS.

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