Getting Started 


PAX Px5 is a retail multi lane payment terminal with Integrated magnetic stripe reader, EMV- certified smart card reader, and contactless reader. 


Available Accessories 

RS232 Cable USB Cable Power

Supply Power Cord Stylus Pen

Stylus Holder Plug Privacy

Shield Decorative Privacy Shield


Product Description 


Main Menu Options

To access terminal’s menu press and hold Enter key and key 1 simultaneously. The items available in the main menu are :

  1. Display Transaction : Review and Find transactions
  2. Merchant Settings : Set security, authorization, Set batch time, and Set additional prompts
  3. Operation settings : Buzzer Setup, Set operation mode, Halo Setup,
  4. Hosts Settings :View or modify host parameters, host URL parameters, and Auto Dial Setup
  5. System Settings :Time & Date, Set working Mode, key injection, App management, etc.
  6. Communication :Configure communication parameters and settings

Display Transaction

This menu contains two different functions. They are :

  • Review
  • Find

Merchant Settings

This menu contains four different functions that can be changed manually, if necessary. They are:

  • Authorizations
  • Security Settings
  • Merchant Fee
  • Credit Surcharge
  • Set Batch Time
  • Additional Prompts

Operation settings

This Menu has three options that can be enabled or disabled, manually through the terminal. They are:

  • Buzzer Setup
  • Operation Mode
  • Screen Back light
  • Halo Setup
  • Peripherals
  • Language Setting

Hosts Settings

This menu allows you to view/edit the Host Parameters, Host URL parameters, and set the Auto Dial parameters.

  • Hosts Parameters
  • Host URL Params
  • Auto Dial Setup
  • Host Register
  • Batch Close
  • EMV Param Download

System Settings

This menu consists of different functions that can be changed manually.

  • Date/Time Setup
  • Batch Number
  • Working Mode
  • Database
  • Keys Injection
  • App Management


This Menu has following sub-menus pertaining to communication. These parameters affect communications during authorization and batching only. The following features are part of the Communication Menu:

  • Main Communication
  • Backup Comm.
  • Maximum Tries
  • Connect Timeout
  • Receive Timeout
  • Ping Timeout
  • LAN Parameters
  • ECR Comm. Type

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