Reports allow the user to obtain relevant financial calculations. Reports included are :

  1. Transaction List : Transaction list helps the user to track all the pos transactions, view print or email the receipts.

  2. Daily Sale Report : This report provides an overview of the sales transaction. It includes Transaction type, Total transactions and Transaction Amount.

  3. Tip Report : This reports allows to obtain tip details.


DSR Receipt Description

Daily Sales & Summary Reports

Register : Name of the register

Store : Name of the Store

Venue : Name of the Venue the store is found under

Date : Date & Time of the report (pulled from local clock settings)

Employee : Name of Employee who ran the report

Sales Summary

TOTAL SALES : Total amount of sales made (tax included)

NET SALES : Net amount of sales made after deductions from returns

TAX : Collect amount of sales tax for all items

TAX EXEMPT SALES : Amount of sale completed without tax

REFUNDS : Amount of returns processed

DISCOUNTS : Amount of discount given

COUPONS : Amount of coupon given

Activity Counts

Sales Transaction : Number of sales transactions

Refund Transaction : Number of return transactions

Exchange Transaction : Number of exchange transactions

Discount Transaction : Number of transactions that have a discount added

Coupon Transaction : Number of transactions that have a coupon added

No of Items Sold : Amount of items sold at the POS

No of Items Refunded : Amount of items returned

No of Items Discounted : Amount of items with a discount added

No of Items Coupon: Amount of items with a coupon added

Media Tender Totals

PAY MODE : The tender used at the sale (will reflect tenders used)

# of TRANS : Number of each transactions for that tender

Total Sales : The final amount of sale for that tender reported. This is the final amount so refunds will be removed from the sales total.

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