Merchant Information

This allows users to view registered merchant details.

Company Settings

This feature allows you to modify store name, store hours, register name and change tax rate. These are set by default so if merchants want to change it they can quickly change it and will take affect on their store.

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the home screen → Select ‘Company Settings’.
  2. Enter the company details in the provided fields.
  3. Click ‘Save’.

Payment Settings

This feature allows the user to set up their payment settings (including credit card processor and gift cards).



Printers paired with the device will be listed here.

Purge Data Quota

This allows you to change numbers when you need to purge your old data. By default is 200 transactions. So after the 200th transactions it will ask you to Purge Data. Or else enable Auto Purge Data to automatically purge data.

Sync Interval Schedule

This allows you to change when you want your system to sync with the CAS. By default it is every 15 mins.

Manual Sync

Sales and inventory are synced once daily, if you need to sync during the day, you can manually sync your items and inventory.

From mPOS home screen --> Settings --> Manual Sync.

Hardware Configurations

This is where you set up your hardware configurations.

Transaction Fees

This allows to enable/disable Auto Fee Transactions.

Receipt Configurations

This page allows merchants to configure what store information they want printed on receipts. The Receipt Header and Footer text can be added/modified here.


Header: This allows merchant to configure the header of the receipt

Footer: This allows merchant to configure the footer of the receipt

Promotional Message: This allows merchants to add Promotional Messages to display on the customer receipt. Promotional Message (can be up to 120 characters).


Pair With RC Platform Account

Pair with rc platform account to get OAuth token.

Enable Verified Refund

Refund verification allows the user to verify returned items against a sales receipt number for a quick return or exchange. This feature can be Enabled or Disabled on pos.

Enable Tip Transaction

Retail businesses that accept tips can now collect the tips on the POS system. This feature allows Enable or Disable tip.

Enable Enhanced Email Receipt

This allows Enable or Disable enhanced email receipt.

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