Setup Process ( Pax Devices ) 



  1. Payanywhere Merchant Account Setup with username and password. 
  2. PAX device with valid Encryption Key Injected. 
  3. PA SDK app installed on the PAX Device 
  4. PA SDK App logged in using the Payanywhere account ( From #1 ) 
  5. retailcloud mPOS / 6IX app Installed on PAX Device 
  6. Valid retailcloud mPOS / 6IX license and register ID 


  1. Login to PA SDK using the Payanywhere Login 2. Close the app running from the background 
  2. Launch retailcloud app 
  3. Register / Activate 
  4. Login 
  5. Click Settings 
  6. Click Payment Processor 
  7. Select Payanywhere as Payment Processor. 
  8. Navigate back to home screen/transaction sale 
  9. Run a test transaction. During the test transaction Pay anywhere screens will show up to Insert card / contactless ). 

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