Ports, Peripherals & Accessories 


Ports, Peripherals & Accessories 

Cash Drawer 

The cash drawer is a 13"(W) by 13"(L) by 3.94"(H)* unit with a white painted front. It has an insert for 4 bills and 5 coin trays and comes with an Epson/Star printer interface cable and 2 keys. 

Docking Station 

The docking station includes 1 Power port, 1 RS232 (RJ45), 1 Ethernet(RJ45), 1 Cash Drawer (RJ11), 3 USB Type A (HOST), Base dimensions (mm): 84.9 x 135 x 18.6, Peripheral Port (mm): 99.7 x 37.5 x 25mm 

USB Barcode Scanner 

Kitchen Printer 

The Star Micronics SP700 Kitchen Printer is an optional peripheral which can be added if you want to print the tickets in the kitchen. You can have up to two kitchen printers connected to E500. To place order for Kitchen printers , visit here 



Power Port

Connect the power cable to the device

Host Peripheral Ports

1 x SIM Card Slot 12 x SIM Card Slot (optional) 11 x Audio Jack 1 x Micro SD Card Slot, Supports up to 128 GB 11 x Micro USB 2.0 1 x DC Jack 11 x Fingerprint Module (optional)

Base Peripheral Ports

1 x Cash Drawer RJl 1 (24 V) 11 x RS232 I l x USBType A, USB HOST2.0 Pogo Contacts for the Host Power Supply and Communication 1 x DC Power Supply Interface 11 x LAN


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