End of Day Process & Reportings


Closing Batch 

This feature will initiate the transfer of open credit card transactions from the pos register to the host bank. Verify that the screen indicates that the batch is accepted. Once the batch has been closed, a receipt will print verifying the batch closed amount.


Tip Reporting

This report provides information about transactions that had Tip added to them. It shows the transaction number, transaction amount, tip amount and salesperson.

From POS go to Reporting --> Print --> Tip Report.

Tip Report Description

Register : Name of the register

Store : Name of the Store

Employee : Name of Employee who ran the report

Date : Date & Time of the report (pulled from local clock settings)

Txn No : Transaction number associated with Tip

Amount : The original transaction amount

Tip : The Tip amount for each transaction

By Server : Sum up of all Tips awarded for each server(salesperson)

Daily Sales Report (DSR)

The Daily Sales Report lists the daily sales summary. The report breaks down all sales and totals for the day. This report gives the total amount for taxable sales, non-taxable sales, net sales, refund amounts and coupons as well as a breakdown by tender types.

This report is typically run at the end of the day for the cashier to balance sales. The report will reset daily as it is meant to provide today’s sales data only. For other sales reports and date ranges try our mobile app, nGauge.

  • Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → select ‘ Reporting’.

  • The graphical representation of the hourly sales will be displayed.

  • To print the daily sales report, click on the ‘Print’ tab → Daily Sales Report.


DSR Receipt Description

Daily Sales & Summary Reports

Register : Name of the register

Store : Name of the Store

Venue : Name of the Venue the store is found under

Date : Date & Time of the report (pulled from local clock settings)

Employee : Name of Employee who ran the report

Sales Summary

TOTAL SALES : Total amount of sales made (tax included)

NET SALES : Net amount of sales made after deductions from returns

TAX : Collect amount of sales tax for all items

TAX EXEMPT SALES : Amount of sale completed without tax

REFUNDS : Amount of returns processed

DISCOUNTS : Amount of discount given

COUPONS : Amount of coupon given

                            Activity Counts

Sales Transaction : Number of sales transactions

Refund Transaction : Number of return transactions

Exchange Transaction : Number of exchange transactions

Discount Transaction : Number of transactions that have a discount added

Coupon Transaction : Number of transactions that have a coupon added

No of Items Sold : Amount of items sold at the POS

No of Items Refunded : Amount of items returned

No of Items Discounted : Amount of items with a discount added

No of Items Coupon: Amount of items with a coupon added

                                Media Tender Totals

PAY MODE : The tender used at the sale (will reflect tenders used)

# of TRANS : Number of each transactions for that tender

Total Sales : The final amount of sale for that tender reported. This is the final amount so refunds will be removed from the sales total.

Time & Attendance Report

This report provides you with a record of the number of hours where employees were clocked in , it can provide details for a date range or by on a daily basis. Go to Reporting --> Print --> Attendance Report.

The report can be filtered by Today, Yesterday and Custom Date. This can be selected from the dropdown box. For Custom Date, select the date range using the pop up calendar for the Start Date and End Date.

User is also given two option to print ;

  • Summary Report

  • Detailed Report (Employee wise clockin/clockout details with date and time)


When a report is generated, the user can see the Location, Printed Date & Time, Employee, Attendance Period and the time in the hours: minutes format of when the employee clocked in and out.

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