How to Add Transaction Fee?


If your business wants to charge customers a convenience fee, Tikt can now configure and apply the fee to a sales transaction.

You can set up fees on the back office (Console) and maximize flexibility by customizing them to suit your needs. To create a fee follow the instructions below :


  1. Login to Console and navigate to Settings → General → Fees
  2. Hit Add Fee to create a new fee.
  3. Enter the fee details in the fields provided ;

    Fee Name: Give the Fee a name (it can be up to 50 characters) - Mandatory. (Ex: Convenience Fee)

    Fee Type: Choose the fee type "Other" from the drop-down selection.

    Fee Value: Fees can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the transaction amount. Enter the amount/percentage for the fee (You can enter a dollar amount or percentage by selecting Dollar or Percentage)

  4. Description: Give a short description for the fee. (Max 100 characters)      2022-02-05_13_09_19-retailcloud_restaurant_console.png
  5. Apply Fee to Location: Choose the preferred location by clicking on the 'Select Location' button to make the fee available for each transaction. If you wish to apply the fee to all your locations (enterprise-level) then you can check the box near 'Location Name' which will select all your locations listed. You also have the option to apply the fees before applying the tax to a transaction. This can be enabled by checking the respective checkboxes under the 'Apply Fee Before Tax' tab. Click Apply

  6. Hit Save

    During a sales transaction, the fee will be automatically added to the sale.

Things to note: The fee will continue to apply to transactions permanently unless the fee is inactivated.

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