Financial Reconciliation



Go to CAS --> Transactions --> Financial --> Reconciliation




Go to CAS --> Transactions --> Financial --> Reconciliation

Reconciling the POS sales with CAS totals can be done through the Deposit Reconciliation Process.


Step 1 :

The first step is for the totals from each register to be entered on CAS in the Financial Reconciliation section. These should be actual counts of cash, credit cards, coupons, etc and not just from the daily reports generated at the POS.

Financial Reconciliation - Create Deposit Verification

If changes need to be made once the deposit verification is created, use the Modify Deposit Verification to make the necessary changes.

Step 2 :

Management can verify that all registers and stores balance over any given period of time using the Financial Reconciliation Report.



Go to CAS --> Transactions --> Financial --> Reconciliation --> Create

The user creates a deposit verification by providing the date, venue, store, register, and the information from the daily summary report of the register from that day.


The amounts entered here are used as a basis to update the financial reconciliation report. This report displays the user entry of the daily sales summary and the actual daily sales report and ensures that they match.

The credit card total, the total card receipts, and the total deposit will update and increase as the amount is entered for each card/payment mode. Once the information has been submitted the user can press save for the deposit verification to be saved.


Access is for Store Manager or above, access is for assigned stores only

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