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Receipt not Printing

  1. Make sure that Receipt paper is loaded
  2. Receipt paper must face down
  3. Make sure feed button feeds the paper out facing down.

Cash Drawer Not Opening

  1. Make sure cash drawer cable is connected to right slot
  2. Swap the cable ends and see if it fix the issue.

Internet not connecting ( WiFi )

  1. Make sure the WiFi is connected to valid wifi signal and other devices can be accessed. Sometimes the wifi signal may show full but may not have internet from your service provider ( Comcast , ATT, Times Warner , Google Fiber etc ). Please make sure you contact them in that case.

Internet not connecting ( Ethernet )

  1. Make sure the cable is good and has internet from the port you are connecting. You may test using this by connecting the same cable to your laptop or desktop computer. Sometimes the issue may be associated with your router . Be sure to rule out the issues with Router and internet service provide before you troubleshoot your POS. 

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