Manual Sync


Sales and inventory are synced once daily, if you need to sync during the day, you can manually sync your items and inventory.

In the event system that goes offline periodical sync will post the content back and forth. When you sync, you will get information as to the success of the sync.

Click on the Menu icon from the home screen and under the System section → Select ‘ Manual Sync’.

Sync Updates

Any changes updated on the cloud will be synced periodically (1 hr ). In the event, these changes need to be reflected immediately you can use manual sync. Some of the list changes which can be updated are 

  • Product Data
  • Menu Changes
  • Price Changes
  • Store Setup
  • Customers data
  • Any Offline Transactions
  • Employee Data

Sync Master Data

Where Sync Updates only synchronize recent updates, Sync Master Data updates all the data after registering the app. 

2021-08-12_10_50_07-Screenshot_20210812-104728_6IX_POS.jpg__-_Photos.png                       Screenshot_20210812-104733_6IX_POS.jpg

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