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There will be instances when you will want to ring up an item without attributing it to an item. You can do that by pressing the General Merchandise button or by pressing the Calculator in the upper left and enter the sales amount. You can also enter the quantity here.

If you wish to create multiple open ring items to track sales at a department level and not an a SKU level you would do this by first creating the items and setting the selling price at 0. This will prompt the cashier to enter an amount whenever that button is selected or the item scanned.

  • General Item Calculator is most often used for items that are being sold but not tagged yet, haven't been entered into the system yet.

  • Click on the ‘calculator sign’ on the transaction cart screen to do general item calculation.

  • To add a Variable Priced Item, Go to General Item Calculator → Click on the variable priced item icon → Enter the price and quantity → Click on ‘Add to Cart’.


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