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Return Verified Transaction

How to do a Refund?

Click on the clipboard image with an arrow pointing down, along the top bar. Please note that the Refund Icon will be RED when it is in refund mode and all items added to the cart when the refund icon is red will be treated as returns. Press the icon to go back to sales mode and add items to sell to the transaction, if needed.

Recent transactions will be displayed to select from

  • Complete - Select if the Return is for all items in the original sale

  • Partial - only returning some of the items sold. Select the items to be returned from the list of items from the original sale

  • Unverified - If customer does not have receipt this will allow you to return an item

How to do an Exchange?

Follow the same steps as a return, but to ring other items you simply press the return button icon again to initiate sale mode (Make sure that the icon is grey) and is not still RED

To do a return verified transaction follow the steps below :

  1. Click on ‘Return tab’ at the top right side of the transaction cart screen. There are three return options to select from :

  • Complete

  • Partial

  • Unverified

  1. If the customer wants to return all the items purchased, click on ‘Complete’ → Select the transaction from the transaction list. The screen will appear the same as the transaction screen.

  2. If the customer doesn’t want to return all the items purchased, click on ‘Partial’→ Select the transaction from the transaction list → Select the items for refund from item list → Click ‘Proceed’.



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