How to do a Feed Test (Star Printers)


Troubleshooting: Printer not printing Receipts

*If the power and error light is not blinking do a feed test. This will tell us know if the printer print.

*If the feed test does not print, ask the customer if the paper advance.

Steps To Do a Feed Test

  1. Turn off the printer

  2. Press and hold the Feed button and then turn on the printer.

  3. After the printer starts printing, release the Feed button.

If there is no Feed button just simply power cycle the printer by turning it off and turn back on.

If the paper advanced and nothing print we should ask the customer if they put a new paper roll.

If they put a new paper roll, they might put it on the wrong side, they just need to flip it around.

If the paper advanced and did not put a new roll. Ask the customer to pull up a notepad and print something.

It doesn’t print on the notepad, ask the customer to check the cables.

For Android, check the settings if it is for windows configuration.

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