Steps To Uninstall & Reinstall E800



  1. Close the app and go to the Setting gear 2021-04-12_09_03_43-Kristy_Sherman_-_Chat.pngsymbol on pos.
  2. If asked for the password, enter 9876.
  3. Go to apps and find ZeroPOS
  4. Click on it and hit Uninstall


  1. Now open the Pax Store on pos
  2. Find Zeropos and Download the app
  3. When the install is complete, open the app and click Register
  4. Enter the credentials
  5. Asks about drawing over other apps – click yes, to exit hit the triangle at the bottom of the screen
  6. Click on the app icon and Login
  7. If prompted to verify the default sales tax rate, you can select No and proceed.

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