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Pax E800 is an all in one tablet with 3 Screens, 15-inch HD display which delivers lightning fast performance when it matters the most. It includes 3" Printer, 8" interactive Customer Display, EMV Reader (including Contactless NFC), countless ports to attach peripherals.

Pax E800

Product Description

Front View

Side View


Back View

How to Power ON/OFF the Pax E800 terminal?

Power ON : Press and hold the Power button (on the side) for three seconds until the main screen displays normally.

Power OFF : Press and hold the Power button (on the side) for three seconds until the shutdown menu appears, tap “Shutdown”, and then shutting...”appears. The terminal will be turned off after a few seconds.

How to Load Print Paper on Pax E800?

When the printer's Out of Paper indicator lights in yellow, it needs to load the print paper.

  1. Open the external printer cover by pulling it outward with fingers from the printer cover opening.
  2. Open the built-in printer cover by pressing inward the spring key.
  3. Load the paper roll by following the direction as shown in the paper warehouse, and close the printer cover.
  4. Then the indicator will light off.
  5. The paper is changed successfully.
  6. Open the external printer cover by pulling it outward with fingers.

How to Swipe a Magnetic Stripe Card ?

Place the magnetic stripe face down (keep the magnetic stripe card perpendicular to the main display), swipe card through the magnetic card slot at a constant speed.

How to Swipe an IC Card ?

Place the IC chip face down, insert the IC card into the card slot, and push it to the end.

How to Swipe a Contactless (NFC) Card ?

Put the contactless card on the center of the payment module screen.



Operation System

Android 6.0


Quad-core A17, 1.8 GHz processor


2 GB RAM + 16 GB Flash Memory

Main Display

15 inch, resolution:1920*1080, multi-touch capacitive touch screen

Guest Display

8 inch, resolution: 1280*800, multi-touch capacitive touch screen


3" high-speed thermal printer with auto-cutter, printing speed :150mm/s


Built-in speaker, support headphone output


5 mega-pixel auto-focusing camera, high-speed code scanning

L-Sensor (Ambient Light Sensor)

Automatically adjust the back light brightness of the main display

Wireless Communication

Support LAN, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G/4G(optional)

Magnetic Card Reader

Support track 1/2/3

IC Card Reader

Conform to the standard of ISO7816, EMV2000 L1&L2, PBOC3.0

Contactless Card Reader

Compatible with ISO14443 Type A & B

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