How to Auto Pair PAX (WinPOS)


This section let you know how to automatically discover and pair pax devices to your POS terminal (WinPOS)

Here is how it works ;

  1. Login to POS
  2. Navigate to Configure → Settings → Payment Gateway 2021-04-13_09_41_24-_POS__Menu_-_Configuration.png 2021-04-13_09_45_55-_POS__Payment_Gateway.png
  3. Select PAX as the Gateway from the dropdown. 
  4. Click on the Search Devices button
  5. The system fetches and lists all the available PAX's devices (Device should be connected to the network)                                                                                                                                                                                                     2021-01-13_16_42_35-Window.png
  6.  If you have multiple devices connected, you can also do a Ping Test to identify the device by clicking on the Test button which will send a 1$ transaction to the pax device.                                                                                                                            image__50_.png
  7. Click on the Use button to select the desired PAX device.
  8. Tick the Enable POS Link check box.
  9. Ready to Go

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