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Reason : Communication failure between PAX and POS 

How to Troubleshoot Connection Error between PAX and POS? 

Possible Reasons 

  • A PAX Communication Error occurs when the terminal is unable to send payment data to the PAX Device for processing.
  • One of the main reasons for this error is that PAX IP Address has not been set in the POS Settings.
  • If you power cycle (unplug and re plug the power cable) the device will receive a new IP address from the router. This IP Address needs to be updated into the POS gateway settings.


  1. Verify Payment Settings 
  2. Verify the IP Address 
  3. Verify the PAX Communications parameters 
  4. Ping Test 
  5. Run a sample Sale 

How to Fix a Pax Communication Error ? 

  1. Verify Payment Settings 

On WinPOS → Go Configure Settings Payment Gateway 

Check Gateway is selected 'PAX', if not select PAX from the dropdown. 

2. Verify the IP Address 

Check the IP address (This should match your PAX IP address) 

Update the IP address if it doesn't match with your current PAX IP address. 

How to Retrieve PAX IP address? 

  1. Connect your PAX Terminal on the same network as your POS (Connect Ethernet cable 

to the same place the POS is getting internet from Router or Modem) 

  1. Log into the Pax to retrieve the IP address assigned for the Pax 

Steps for Navigating PAX S300 

  1. Press the Menu button then it will ask you for a password. 
  2. Press Function/1 simultaneously to display if not on Menu. 
  3. The password by default is the current date entered in (mm/dd/yyyy) format. 
  4. Press Enter
  5. Scroll until you reach "Communications", press the Green button then it will ask you to enter a password.
  6. The password by default is the current date entered in (mm/dd/yyyy) format.
  7. Press Enter
  8. Select LAN Parameters from the Communication Options.
  9. Select IP Address.
  10. Once you get IP Address write it down, you will need it to configure the Pax to the POS
  11. Press the Red button to go back out of LAN Parameters

3. Verify the PAX Communications params 

  1. Press and hold the F Key and 1 Key together to access the main menu. 
  2. Enter your password 
  3. Scroll down 1 page and press "2. Communication" 
  4. Enter your password again 
  5. Scroll down 1 page and press "3. LAN Parameters" 
  6. Press "1. Lan Type" 
  7. Verify it shows as “1” (DHCP). 
  8. Go back to the home screen by using the back button on the screen several times. 

4. Ping Test 

Check if the device is connected to a network. It is used to ensure that a host which your device tries to access is operating. A ping test is run for troubleshooting to know connectivity as well as response time. 

5.Run a sample Sale

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