Customer Groups


Customer Frequency Programs

Go to Configuration --> Customer

This is where the Customer Groups are defined, what the static categories are as well as what the frequency groupings are. VIP level customers are also defined here.

We have a couple of options in defining Customer Groups.

Customer Static Category

Customer Frequency Based Category


Customer Static Category


Go to Configuration --> Customer --> Customer Static Category

Users can create a static group to provide special recognition to customers within these groups. Customers may belong to more than one group. Groups can also be designated as VIP groups giving all customers in that group VIP status.


Examples of groups can be regions where customers are from or consist of the customers that enrolled during a certain promotional period. When creating a customer, user has the option to put the customer into one or multiple static groups. This function allows users to track sales and understand the buying patterns of different consumer markets.

For each customer category you can create a price book for them. This allows the user to target their customer groups for special pricing or discounts to provide their best customers the buying experience that will keep them coming back.

If a customer is in multiple static categories, the customer is only eligible for one discount and the discount applied will be the one associated with the customer category last created (typically the one with the highest Customer Category ID).

Please note - this may not be the customer category with the greatest savings.

All that is required to create a group is to name the group and designate if it has VIP status or not. It's optional whether to add a Price Book for the group.


Access is given to System Administrator and Financial roles.

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