Invoice Setup


Go to Configuration --> Company Details --> Invoice Setup

Invoicing allows the user to create and send invoices for payment. Multiple outstanding invoices can be selected to combine into one invoice to the customer of all outstanding invoices. Before creating an invoice the merchant have to configure the invoice setup. Follow the steps below :


Invoice Settings

Invoice Register : Select the Invoice Register from the drop down bar or tap on the ‘ + ‘ icon to create a new Invoice Register.

Default Notes : Enter the default notes to be displayed on the invoice.This section is idle for notes on invoice details or notes to customers.

Default Terms : Enter the default terms and conditions you would like to add. This section is idle for notes about payments or contract terms.

Default Footer : Enter the default footer to be displayed on the invoice.

Default Due Days : Enter the default due days.

Logo : Add a company logo to be displayed on the invoice.(Recommended)

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