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The Central Admin Server (CAS) is the site where the management of all the modules of the retailcloud occurs. It is set up into 5 categories Configuration, Management, Transactions, Reports and Utilities. The CAS section of Gitbook is organized by the horizontal tabs that appear on the CAS and then by the Vertical menus and sub-menus.

CAS Version

The CAS Version is displayed on the sign in page . In the example below the Version is 2019.10.3. Release notes are available to registered users at www.retailcloud.com


CAS Login

To login to CAS, provide the login credentials supplied on the welcome letter.




Enter the username supplied on your welcome letter (email).


Enter the password supplied on your welcome letter.

Company Code

Enter the Company Code supplied on your welcome letter. This is usually the name of your business.

Forgot Password

If the employee has forgotten their password, a temporary password can be emailed using the "Forgotten Password?" Button. To reset a forgotten password, a temporary password can be sent to the email address in the system for that employee. This can be done from the CAS sign in page.

If an email has not been saved for the employee, contact your System Administrator, to have them modify the password for CAS. If the System Administrator is locked out due to failed logins or has forgotten their login, they will need to contact support@retailcloud.com to have the password reset.

Upon first login by the System Administration, a pop up appears that required the user to accept the Terms and Conditions. The user can click on the words to display the document with the terms and conditions. Upon checking the box, the user can access CAS.

CAS Dashboard

You can come back to the dashboard page from anyplace in the CAS by clicking on the logo that appears on the upper corner of the browser.

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