How to Setup EBT ?


To complete a successful EBT transaction, the merchant have to 

Setup the Department with EBT eligible items and flag it as ‘EBT Eligible’.

Follow the instructions below to setup EBT :

  1. Login to CAS Management Inventory ClassificationModify Inventory.
  2. Select Type as ‘Department’ to view the list of departments in your store.
  3. Choose the department with EBT items and click on ‘Find’.
  4. Tick the ‘EBT Eligible’ checkbox and click Save.


Or merchants can also Create a new department, flag it as ‘EBT Eligible’ and then add the ebt eligible items into it. Follow the instructions to add a new department.

  1. Login to CAS Management Inventory ClassificationClassification → Department.
  2. Enter a name for the department.
  3. Check the ‘EBT Eligible’ box and click Save.
  4. Add eligible items to the department ;
  5. Go to Management Inventory ClassificationMaster Item.
  6.  Enter the product details and select the EBT department and click Save.

Note : Only EBT flagged items can be processed, otherwise you will get an error, prompting that the item is not eligible for the EBT transaction.

Now when you ring up an item from the EBT flagged department, you can proceed the payment process by selecting the EBT as tender type.

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