Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘ Configurations’.

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This feature allows modifying store name, store hours, and change the tax rate. These are set by default so if merchants want to change it they can quickly change it and will take effect on their store.

  1. Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Configurations’ → Location

  2. Enter the company details in the provided fields.

  3. Click ‘Save’.


Company Code: View the company code.

Store Name: Modify the name of the Store.

Store Hours: Add or modify store hours.

Register Name: View the Register Name.

Register ID: View the Register Name.

Tax Rate: Modify the tax rate.


Navigate to menu, under System section --> Configurations--> Receipt

Using this feature, the merchant can input the Receipt settings so that on sales transactions the Headers and Footers are printed on the receipt. A Promotional Message (Max 120 characters) can also be added to the receipt.

Custom Labels: Surcharge label/Cash Discount label can be easily customized here. 

Global Comments: Configure special handling notes or comments on orders which will be printed on kitchen printers as well as KDS. 

Kitchen Receipt: Enable or Disable Kitchen receipts. 

Auto Print Kitchen receipt: Enable or Disable auto print kitchen receipt for QSR mode.



This feature allows the user to set up the hardware settings.

Kitchen Printer:  You can configure multiple kitchen printers here. (LAN, Bluetooth, USB, All, Manual).



This feature allows the user to set up the payment settings.

Payment Processor: Select the payment Processor from the drop-down box. (PAX/Payanywhere etc..) Supported payment processors will be listed.

PAX Processor Type: If PAX is your payment processor, select the processor type 'PAX Integrated' from the drop-down box.

If you want to connect an external credit card reader, select the Pax Processor Type as 'Pax External TCP' &

Enter the IP Address & Port No in the field provided and click on Save.

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Gift Processor

Configure Gift STS account. Enter the integrated gift card providers Merchant ID and Terminal ID. We have a direct connection to STS for Gift card processing.

  1. Enter the Gift Merchant ID and Gift Terminal ID.

  2. Click ‘Save’ to set up gift settings.

Tender Settings

Configure which tenders you need to be displayed on the POS transaction cart here.


Cashdrawer Settings

The user has the ability to set the cash drawer triggers on the POS. This screen determines what actions will trigger the cash drawer to open. The user can set it up to open the cash drawer for a sales transaction where the tender type is cash, credit, debit, gift cards, check and split transactions.


Cart & Checkout

Configure cart and checkout settings here.

Enable Auto Logout: Enable or Disable auto-logout for users. Once enabled, the app logout and launch to the login screen whenever you hold an order or check out any orders. Helps in changing the session of a user after hold/checkout.

Enable Tip: Enable or Disable Tip for credit card transactions. 

Enable Tip on Glass: Enable or Disable Tip on Glass. Enabling will send tip requests to pax.

Enable Orders: Enable or Disable Order processing mode.(QSR)


System Settings

Sync Interval: Enter the frequency that the device will sync the data. The Sync interval is set as 15 minutes by default (this is how often the data is updated from the cloud) if you need to change it to reduce data usage you can do it here.


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