Advanced User Imports



Go to CAS --> Utilities --> Advanced User Imports

Data for any of the tables given in the drop down can be imported. A sample of each file layout can be found by highlighting the type and clicking the download sample CSV button. A help button is included, for a quick link to the wiki site so the user can verify the data they are adding to the import fields. The import categories are transactions, warehouse management, item management, transaction codes, customer/users, classifications and attributes, and hierarchy. This feature is for experienced users, as headers must not be adjusted in any way and data must be formatted exactly as specified or the import will not be successful.

Tips for a Successful Import

Using the import feature is for strong excel users as the file contents are placed directly in the back end table. The following are tips to allow for a successful import.

Avoid special characters - once your file is ready to send - do a "Control F" - find, to search for special characters that should be removed.
Special Characters to avoid
  • : colon

  • ; semicolon

  • " quotation marks

  • ' apostrophe

  • , comma

  • . period

  • ? question mark

  • / forward slash

  • ` grave accent

  • ! exclamation mark

  • # number sign

  • $ dollar sign

  • % percent sign

  • & ampersand

  • * asterisk (this cannot be searched for)

  • () round brackets

  • _ underscore

  • - hyphen-minus

  • + plus sign

  • = equals sign

  • {} curly brackets

  • [] square brackets

  • | vertical bar

Remove Duplicates using the excel Remove Duplicates function
Remove any stray characters

Go to the last line of entries and scroll down and across (highlighting all and remove extra rows – in case there are random characters there that should not be), perform this on both the bottom row and last column

View in Notepad for extra spaces that may have been inserted
Verify that the headers have not been altered in any way (as a final step you may want to replace the existing headers with a fresh set from the sample CSV on CAS)

Note: We recommend that when you save the excel file, first same as a regular worksheet. When it is saved as a CSV file, ID's with lead zeroes or many characters will change their format. If you need to go back to the file and make changes, saving it as a regular worksheet will retain the format you want to be imported. Once you save it as a worksheet, then save a CSV file to be used for the import.



Advanced User Imports include :


Warehouse Management

Item Management

Transaction Codes

Customer/ Users

Classification and Attributes


Bug Reporting The Import Data screen has the Report a Bug button. This button is for the user to report an error they have received. The user must recreate the error so it can be captured, and then the relevant logs are emailed to the support staff. The process is for the user to press the Report a Bug button. You know the report a bug is activated when a pop up message appears stating that Report a Bug is activated. This will create enhanced logs and the user would then replicate the error. When the error occurs, the logs are sent to the support staff for review.

Access Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Accounting, store managers and zone managers may import data at Venues or Store assigned to them.

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