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The 6IX POS has an option to enable tip on glass or to print a tip line on the sales receipt (for credit or debit transactions)

Setup Tips

Tips, by default, are disabled for credit and debit tenders payments.

To enable (or disable) Tips, Navigate to the menu and under the System section, click Configurations--> Cart & Checkout --> Enable Tip

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Make sure that the tip is enabled on the Pax Store Parameter setting. The tip can be set for Tip on Glass or Tip Adjust with the tip line printed on the sales transaction receipt and adjusted/added later.

Tip on Glass

When Tip and Tip on Glass are enabled, it will send the Tip request to pax, if not it will just enable Tip Adjustment and Tip Menu.

To enable (or disable) Tip on Glass, Navigate to the menu, and under the System section, click Configurations--> Cart & Checkout --> Enable Tip on GlassIf the tip is enabled and whatever is the case for the tip on glass you can adjust the tip from the tip menu.

Tip Adjustment

Tip adjustment can be accessed from the Menu and once the adjustment is made, an adjustment receipt can be printed.

  1. Navigate to the menu and under the Payment Processing section, click→ ‘ Tip Adjustment ‘.

  2. Enter the Transaction No, Transaction Amount, Tip Amount.

  3. Click ‘ Adjust ‘.

Tip Reporting 

This report provides information about transactions that had Tip added to them. It shows the transaction number, transaction amount, tip amount, and salesperson.

From PO,S Navigate to the menu and under the Operations section, click --> Reporting --> Print --> Tip Report.

Tip Report Description

Register : Name of the register

Store : Name of the Store

Employee : Name of Employee who ran the report

Date : Date & Time of the report (pulled from local clock settings)

Txn No : Transaction number associated with Tip

Amount : The original transaction amount

Tip : The Tip amount for each transaction

By Server : Sum up of all Tips awarded for each server(salesperson)

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