Save money by removing the burden of paying merchant fees for credit card transactions with the Surcharges feature.

  • Add an additional fee to a customer’s bill when he or she uses a credit card for payment that is equal in value to your merchant fees.
  • The charge will be excluded from all other payment types (cash, debit, external etc.)

Set Up Surcharge on CAS

Quickly set up surcharges on back office (CAS) and maximize flexibility by customizing them to suit your needs. To create a surcharge follow the instructions below :

  1. Login to CAS --> Management --> Transaction Code --> Fee Settings
  2. Enter the surcharge details in the fields provided ;

    Logical Name : Give the Fee a name (it can be up to 50 characters) - Mandatory. Keep in mind, this will be the name that displays to the customer on the receipt.

    Reason Code : Select the reason for the Fee from the drop-down selection as 'Tender Based Fee'.

    Tender Options : Select the Tender options which you want the surcharge fee to apply.

    Fee : Enter the amount for the fee (You can enter a dollar amount or percentage by selecting Dollar or Percentage)

    Status : This should be active for the fee to be available.



When a tender type, debit or credit is selected on pos during a sales transaction, the surcharge will be automatically added to the sale. Users have the option to print a customized surcharge label on the receipt.


Things to note: The fee will continue to apply to that tender permanently unless the fee is inactivated form the modify transaction process.

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