​Create Register



Go to Management --> Hierarchy --> Register--> Create Register


Give the register a Name this will show up in all reports and filters so you should name them carefully. If you try to create a venue with an existing name a popup will be displayed asking you to confirm this activity.

Select the Venue that the register will be assigned to, any activity from this register will also be included in that venue's totals.

Select the Store that the register will be assigned to, any activity from this register will also be included in that store's totals.

Register names cannot be changed or moved to a different store or venue once a store is created.

For Type select the type of license that the POS Unit will be using.

Should the user wish to override the Minimum Cash Draw amount and the Maximum Cash Draw amount for which email alerts will be generated, these boxes should be checked and the user will be navigated to a modification screen after they save the venue. This will override the settings at the alert and venue level, and will not be affected by any changes made at the Alert Management screen. Changes made at the register level however will override venue settings.

Modify Register

Go to Management --> Hierarchy --> Modify Hierarchy

This is used to modify the Register settings. The enterprise hierarchy consists of all venues, warehouses, zones, stores (including virtual stores), registers, and reporting groups. This is also where you would be able to assign an administrative employee to each enterprise.

Select the Type of hierarchy as Register from the dropdown, the list will include all Register that has been created. This will return the appropriate list of items. Select the Register to be modified and click Find.


This will navigate you to a screen similar to the screens used for creating the Register. After all the changes have been made, select Modify to save the changes.

Note: Registers cannot be moved from one venue to another


Access to this function at an enterprise level is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial users only. Store managers and zone managers may create register settings at Venues or Stores assigned to them.

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