Some businesses operate using Item ID and will want to input an item number, some operate primarily on UPC numbers and will want to use the same number for UPC and Item ID, others may elect to Auto Generate the Item ID which can be done by clicking the auto-generate box.

If you try to create an item with an existing item id an error message will be generated. It is not advisable to use duplicate item id numbers or duplicate UPC's, as it affects the ability of these items to appear on various reports or functions.

We recommend using a unique item ID and UPC for each item.

A UPC number is typically 12 digits, but the system allows for "SKU's" or non-standard UPC's to be entered in the UPC field (12 digits are no longer required - but 12 digits are recommended, so that the number corresponds to the UPC used by the vendors)

When editing an item, item ID can't be modified, other entries such as UPC, name, cost, sales price, etc can be modified from this UI. Department, category, subcategory can be changed by selecting a different one from the drop-down selection. If you want a new department, category, or subcategory, it must first be created, then it'll be available in the drop-down and can be selected. 

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