How to Accept Gift Cards



  1. Valid Gift Card Processor Account
  2. Point of Sale App which accept Gift Card ( WinPOS, ZeroPOS, 6IX , Servio )
  3. Supported Payment Device & Setup ( PAX CC Readers )


  1. Make sure Valid Gift Card Processor Account is setup with STS processor
  2. Gift Card Settings and Credentials  must be entered on the retailcloud back office or on POS . It is recommended to add in backoffice so that if you reinstall app the settings are all preserved. 
    • Gift Card Processor Type
    • Gift Card Merchant ID
    • Gift Card Terminal ID



3. PAX BroadPOS must be configured with ability to accept the INPUT SWIPE / COMMAND . If you do not see this option then either is enabled by default or not supported. 




Common Issues & Troubleshooting


1) My POS shows up manual entry screen for Gift Card and it is not showing up on Credit Card Terminal

Solution ) The most common issue is the prerequisites or setup is not complete. Make sure Gift acrd settings and POS setup is done correctly


2) Gift Card Transactions are not getting approved

Solution) Verify the Merchant ID and terminal ID on POS . If the transactions are getting declined contact STS for details. 




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