The retailcloud’s  Label.It is an easy-to-use barcode label designing and printing add on feature that prints barcodes, text, and graphics on Zebra printers. Label.It allows merchants to design and print labels from the very same location where we have all the information about our business.


  • A drag and drop interface where the user can design their own label templates and print bulk amount of labels using those templates with the Zebra label printers. 
  • Users will be able to drag fields like ItemID, UPC, Item Name, Barcode, etc., into the template. 
  • The templates can be saved and reused to print more labels later. 
  • A list of items is fetched from the database and users will be able to select the items they need to print labels for. 
  • Standard Label sizes like 2.5” X 2”, 2” X 1.75”, 1.75” X 1.75” are supported. Users can also create custom-sized labels with custom DPI(Dots Per Inch) settings also. 
  • Printing takes place by converting the templates designed into zpl code that is used by Zebra Printers. 


Label.It Label Designing & Zebra Printing is an add on to your existing licenses. To setup Label Designing & Zebra Printing  your account needs to be enabled. Please contact support@retailcloud.com to enable Label.It, questions about designing or printing support. 

  • retailcloud client Middleware
  • Compatible Hardware: Zebra Label Printers

The following Label printers are supported currently


Label Sizes

Zebra Label Printer - ZD410

2.25" x 1.25" Labels

How to Pair a Zebra Label Printer - ZD410 

On Zebra ZD410 Device

  1. Plug-In and Power on the Zebra ZD410

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