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Activating A60 Terminal

Activation of the device is an important step in the process. PAX A60 with retailcloud is easy to setup and get going. If the hardware is bought directly from retailcloud it may already be activated.

How to verify that your hardware is already activated?

If your hardware is activated you will be able to see the app icon installed under applications. If it is not activated, please send an email to support@retailcloud.com

Provide the below information to retailcloud support

  1. A60 Serial Number starting with 115xxx ( Sticker back of the device)
  2. Payment Processor Information ( See the section for Payment Processor Prerequisite for specific details on each processor ) Pax Terminals Prerequisite

Once the terminal is successfully registered the available applications in the paxstore will display on the terminal and can manually select an application from the terminal and manually initiate the download.

  1. Power On the terminal
  2. Open Pax Store
  3. Find the App
  4. Register & Login to the POS

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