Order Fulfillment Process


Step 1: Accept & Review the Order

Connect your Shopify, retailcloud online site other sales channels to OrderUp and start receiving your order information right on your Pax A920. 

Keep an eye on all orders in real-time directly from a single easy-to-understand screen. You can also access customer details, order status, and search orders by creating different filters to get a deeper understanding of all aspects of your order operation.

Click on the order to open up the order details. 

It includes the Order #, External Order #, Date & Time, Order Notes, Payment Status (PAID or UNPAID) Fulfilment Status (Fulfilled or Unfulfilled), Customer Name, Customer ID, Email ID, Phone #, Shipping Address, Product Details with Product Name, SKU, Price, and Quantity.


Order Status Mapping

You can also map your entire operation to keep staff in sync and customers in the know. Create statuses for each step to let customers know you've gotten their order and are preparing it, or that it is on its way.


Use the inbuilt 6 steps workflow and streamline your order fulfillment operations.


Step 2: Prepare and Complete the Order

When the order is received on the OrderUp, accept it, and change the status to processing.

You can send this to a printer or a display screen. Once the order is ready, print a package label and update the order status.

All status updates can be sent to the customer directly from your app using text or call using the number entered during checkout.

Step 3: Order Pick Up

When a customer shows up, get their order number, and pull the package. Check for any special handling notes and update the status. If payment was not made online you can collect it now directly in OrderUp. It’s fast and touchless.

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