Using the setup function would allow you to manually import a register data file in the event that the download cannot be performed.

Please use this feature with caution as improper use may cause your register to operate in standalone mode.


Using the terminate function, this process will clean up the database, logs, and backup data files and exit from the application. This function can also be performed at the CAS Level at Terminating a register

Managing Registers

Please note, by executing this feature, this will erase all data from the POS System. User will still be able to get reports from the CAS‌


Using this feature, the POS accessories, such as the scanner, pole, pinpad, scale and printer, and printer type can be set up so that they will be recognized by the system. Save Button will update the hardware settings in the database as specified by the user configuration


This feature allows inputting the setting required for Back Up, Receipt, Transactions, Speed Keys, Payment Gateway, Gift Card Processor, Automatic Coupons, Cash Drawer.

App Settings

This feature allows the users session to timeout after the specified inactivity period and limits the number of offline messages being retained. This helps in the security and the data transfer of the system.

Turn On Debug

This feature allows for the debugging feature to be activated to capture a ten minute time frame. This allows for a small sample of the logs to be analysed to help troubleshoot whatever the issue may be and not have many hours of data to sift through.

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