Getting Started



Set Up Made Simple

Step 1 : Push the app from your pax portal or download it on the device from the pax store.

Step 2 : Open 6IX POS on the Pax and sign up for an account. You are now ready to Activate the POS and login.

Step 3 : Download nGauge and mInventory from the App Store or Google Play Store. This will be used for reports and inventory management.

Step 4 : Start adding items using mInventory and users using nGauge.

Step 5 : Add Quick Pick menu pages and buttons on the POS for items without barcodes.

Step 6 : Go to Company Settings on 6IX POS and update the Receipt Headers and Sale Tax Rate.

Congratulations !! You are now ready to start selling.

Supported Hardware

The 6IX POS application works on the Pax A920, Pax A60, Pax E600, Pax E500, and Nexgo N5 terminals.

PAX A920

Pax A920 is a mobile smart terminal that comes with integrated EMV, NFC, Scanner, Printing and powerful multi location point of sale software. The hardware comes with :

  • 5″ IPS Touchscreen

  • 2″ Thermal Printer

  • EMV Reader (including Contactless)

  • PCI PTS 5.x

  • Front and Rear Camera

  • 4G LTE | WiFi | Bluetooth 4.0

  • Dual SIM | 1 x Micro USB


PAX E600

PAX E600 is an all in one Tablet with three screens. The hardware comes with :

  • Front & Rear Camera

  • 8″ HD IPS Merchant-facing display

  • Integrated Q20 Payment Module 4.3”

  • EMV Reader (including Contactless)

  • 2” Thermal Printer w/ Auto-cutter

  • PCI 5.x SRED

  • 1x Micro USB 2.0

  • 1x Audio Jack

  • 1x Charging Port

  • Multi-function Charging Base

  • WiFi (2.4GHz) Supports Probe and Hotspot | 4G |Bluetooth 4.1


PAX E500

Pax E500 Integrated Smart Terminal provides a comprehensive Point-of-Sale solution with integrated electronic payment functionality including Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card, Contactless (NFC) and Barcode reading. E500 also has an integrated printer and multiple wired and wireless communication ( wifi ) options.



The A60 is a sleek and compact SmartMobile PIN pad that delivers the highest level of payment security and transactional integrity. It boasts an elegant and lightweight design supporting both short and wide-range communications. The A60 can operate either as a powerful standalone Mobile PIN pad or an in-store cordless terminal, supported by an intelligent printer base with an auto-cutter.



N5 is the flagship product of the NEXGO smart POS series with the most comprehensive configuration. 5.5 " HD touchscreen delivers the best display and operation experience. You can also choose a fingerprint identification module to support fingerprint payment.


When you order them from distribution make sure that they are encrypted with the correct key. For example, on TSYS you will need the Multipass/TransFirst key which is TransFirst 412A

Hardware can also be ordered from us, in which case we will build and test the Broadpos file as well as train the merchant and do the initial white-glove setup. If you wish to purchase the hardware or have the merchant purchase it directly from us you can do so at

Connecting Hardware & Peripherals

Both the A920 and the E600 can be connected via Bluetooth to our Zebra label printer. The E600 also comes with a base that has peripheral ports, which will allow the option of an integrated cash drawer and a USB scanner.

Connecting to the internet is a simple but critical step. This will allow credit cards to be processed and for you to get information to and from your back office in case of changes. Both the A920 and E600 have a wireless connection and can be easily set up in the settings menu. In addition the E600 can also be connected using the Ethernet LAN port in the docking station.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

KDS is compatible with Android devices ( Recommends 7” inch and above android devices)

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