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Receipt settings are input so that on sales transactions the headers and footers are printed on the receipt. A promotional message can be added (maximum 250 characters) which will appear on all receipts. A custom logo can be selected by using the browse button. This can also be done at the CAS level when Creating a Store


The Receipt Header and Footer text can be added/modified here. Promotional Messages (up to 250 characters )can be added to display on the customer receipt. Changes made here will supersede the settings on the CAS.

Logo size is limited to 126 x 97 pixels. So you should keep your ratios between 4 to 3. The pos will convert all logos into JPGs.

Access POS Level, Venue Managers and Store Managers at location assigned to them Creating a Store

Store Logo

If your printer supports it, the Store Logo will be printed on the receipts, the logo should be in a jpeg. format and be no larger than 120 x 120 pixels and 1 mb. The Store Logo will be the image printed on a receipt on the top center. This logo will also appear on the email Receipts to your customers.

On the POS

To attach a logo on the POS you must save the image to the image folder in the POSsystems folder. In the C drive select the retailcloud folder --> POSsystems --> images. Make sure the logo is named storelogo. From here, open up the POS program and add the logo

To Change the logo, delete the current image and replace with the new image and rename store logo in the images file. Go back to the POS in Receipt settings and re select the file. Your new logo should now appear on your receipts.

On the CAS

Applying the store logo on the CAS can be done from Hierarchy --> Create Store or to apply to a store already in use you can apply a store logo Hierarchy --> Modify Hierarchy --> Type: Store. CAS logo has the same pixel dimensions as the POS up to 120x120 pixels, less than 1mb. When applying the store logo user will be able to select the logo, from the browse option and save it to the store. Once the Store logo has been saved the user will notice the change on the POS receipts.

If a change isn't noticed verify that the store logo is found in the images folder locally on the POS.

Promotional Message


Promotional message is a space in which merchants will be able to place additional lines on to the customer receipt, up to 250 characters. Merchant's will be able to use this in a variety of ways, not just as an additional text field but as a way to interact with their customer base by including a QR code. Promotional Message can be filled in globally at store level or locally at POS level.

On the CAS

Promotional Message is created under the store creation and modify in the hierarchy (Management --> Hierarchy --> modify --> type --> Store). Merchants who are using this for a promotion can easily create a discount or incentive that can be placed and easily read. For our example pictured, the merchant has chosen to include an incentive that will encourage repeat business. By adding a discount with your next purchase, when they return with this receipt in the next 60 days. So with this promo the merchant has created a time frame to verify if the receipt is valid, and to allow sales to return.

On the POS

If settings are set on the CAS it will pull those, these can always be changed from the POS though or added directly. On the POS the settings are found under the transaction tab. With these fields the user will have the same amount of characters and spaces. A user could copy a QR code into the space and have that print instead of the promo text.


Access is limited to System Admin, and managers for the CAS. On the POS store managers and higher with access to login will be able to modify 


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