Gift Card Processor Settings



Our system has an integrated gift card program. Once you have received your Giftcard Merchant ID and TerminalID (as well as your physical gift cards) you should enter the information into the system.

Go to Configure Settings Gift Card Processor

STS Gift Cards

Select STS Gift Cards (Gift Card Provider) under Gift Card.

The Merchant Number is provided by your gift card provider.

The Terminal ID is also provided by the gift card provider and should be an individual number for each terminal.

This setting allows for the gift cards to be manually entered, to prevent verification, or to run tests. 


Set Up Manual Entry

The user can allow hand keyed transactions, rather than just swiping the card, by checking "Manual Entry For Card Details"

Go to ConfigureSettingsGift Card Processor → Enable Manual Entry for Gift Cards

And save by clicking the green tick button.


You can now enter the gift card number manually in the field provided and click on the PROCESS button to proceed.



Sale and Activation

Step 1: Ring up the Gift Card as an item and select a dollar amount at the checkout by choosing the Gift tender. Once you have a receipt, you will need to activate the gift card.


Step 2: From the transaction screen, select the Activate/Inquiry option from the top of the page. A Gift Card Activation window will pop up. Enter the Gift Card Number, transaction number from the receipt, and the dollar amount will automatically populate in the field provided. Select Activate Gift Card. You can now accept this gift card as a form of payment.


To check the balance of the card, you will go back to the transaction screen, select the Activate/Inquiry option from the top of the page. Enter the card number and select Balance Inquiry.


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