Invoice Setup



To setup invoicing please setup the following in the same order

  1. Creating an Invoice Register
  2. Payment Processor Setup
  3. Invoicing Configurations

Creating an Invoice Register

Before starting, the user has to create an Invoice Register. To create an invoice register follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Management Hierarchy Register Create Register




Enter a register name which will show up in all reports and filters. If you try to create a venue with an existing name a popup will display asking you to confirm this activity.


Select the venue that the register will be assigned to, any activity from this register will also be included in that venue's totals.


Select the store that the register will be assigned to, any activity from this register will also be included in that stores totals


For Invoicing register this must be set to "Invoice"

Payment Processor Setup

The Payment Processor currently supported is TSYS MultiPass. Please ensure you have an account setup for TSYS Multipass and have the following information

  1. MerchantID
  2. DeviceID
  3. Multipass Username ( Starts with TA )
  4. Password.

Invoice Setup Configuration

‌This is a mandatory setup before you can create an invoice.

  1. Go to Configuration Company Details Invoice Setup


Invoice Settings

  1. Invoice Register : Select the Invoice Register from the drop down bar or tap on the ‘ + ‘ icon to create a new Invoice Register.
  2. Default Notes : Enter the default notes to be displayed on the invoice.This section is idle for notes on invoice details or notes to customers.
  3. Default Terms : Enter the default terms and conditions you would like to add. This section is idle for notes about payments or contract terms.
  4. Default Footer : Enter the default footer to be displayed on the invoice.
  5. Default Due Days : Enter the default due days.

Logo : Add a company logo to be displayed on the invoice.(Recommended)

Payment Settings

  1. PAX IP : Enter your PAX IP address, prefixed with https:// or http:// based on the pax configuration. (Not mandatory. This is only if you enroll in Recurring Billing and use the Card on File or Digital Wallet Feature )
  2. Payment Gateway : Select from the dropdown.
  3. Merchant ID : Enter the merchant id provided.
  4. Login Name : Enter the login name provided.
  5. Login Password : Enter the login password provided.
  6. Device ID : Enter the device id provided.
  7. Click “Save”.
  • The above details will be available on your TSYS account or contact the retailcloud support team for more info.
  • Payment setting is mandatory if you wish to accept the payment online.
  • If you are not accepting online payment then you can ignore this section.

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