Print Barcode Labels



Allows for the user to print selected barcode labels from the POS

When creating barcode labels on the POS, the unit must have adobe reader installed on the system. The POS will save the barcode labels as a PDF file and you would need to use adobe reader to print the actual bar code labels.

Step to Create barcode label on the POS.

1) Once you hit print on the POS, adobe reader should pop up and show you the barcode label. Keep a note of the size of the barcode label that's located on the lower left corner.

2) Hit the print button on the Adobe Reader. Choose the barcode label printer, make sure "actual size" is checked and then go to properties. Adjust the size using the reference size of the bar code. The width should be close to the reference size and the height should depend on how much gap is on the bottom of the bar code. The more gap it has the smaller the number you should put(this requires trial and error), this will reduce the blank space and print the barcode without unnecessary gaps. The gap will be the reason that a blank barcode prints after a printed barcode.

3) Print the barcode label. The bar code label should be centered and have no extra gap between prints.

Limitations: 1) The same limitations as are present in printing barcodes at the CAS are also present when printing barcodes from the POS, which include the following: a) The alignment issue present in case of 1.5 X 1 for invalid UPCS and 13 digit UPCS b) UPC-A will be taken default barcode type for Invalid UPCs and 13 digit UPCs c) You will need Adobe Reader to successfully print labels.

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