CDS Installation


Setup 8" CDS (TouchDynamic Pulse Ultra)

This article is for setting up an 8" CDS on a TouchDynamic Pulse Ultra. This screen is not a standalone pole display, it mounts directly to the back of the POS and draws power/data from the POS. Whenever unplugging the connections on the display, the POS should be OFF and UNPLUGGED from power to remove any possibility of damaging either component.


The screen must be detached from the base, the dummy cover on the stand removed, and the CDS inserted in the gap. And the whole unit is reassembled by resting the CDS in the gap and putting the main display back on and tightening the thumbscrew.

After assembly, the BIOS must be changed to allow power being sent to the screen. When trying to get into the BIOS only the USB keyboard should be attached (the USB/VGA display can also be attached, if you plugged it in when the POS was unplugged from power)

Note: Only the VGA for the CDS and the keyboard should be plugged into the computer when booting into the BIOS. DO NOT PLUG IN THE USB FROM THE MAIN DISPLAY TO CUSTOMER DISPLAY.

See the attached PDF for detailed images of the whole process.

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