Setup Magellan Scanner/Scale


The Magellan 9300i scale/scanner is a combination counter device for grocery stores and other stores that need weighing functions.


After unboxing, the blue spacer has to be removed. It's sitting under the platter mechanism which can be lifted up. The blue spacer is piece of cardboard that keeps the scale from shifting during shipping so it stays aligned, otherwise it needs to be recalibrated and certified.


The only configuration that works with retailcloud is a dual RS232 cable combo. The dual usb cables do not work nor do any single cables or even usb/serial. Only dual serial works. Which means that the computer will need 2 serial ports, not virtual serial ports. The Pulse Ultra by Touch Dynamic has 3 serial ports and ships with 2 adapter cables that can be used with this device, it uses RJ45 to Serial adapters.


This way both devices will communicate over serial with the computer, independently. The computer must still be setup with java compatibility files and the pos must be decimal not standard.


If the display is configured, it must be plugged in to get the scale to display weight values, but QR Code also has to be scanned to set that up.



The scanner must be configured as a "wedge device". This will take any input and give it to the computer. It's like usb keyboard emulation. The attached software needs to be downloaded, installed, and configured with Com settings to send input to the computer. It can then be tested in notepad or the POS. This wedge utility can also be configured to start with the computer in the settings of that program.


COM Settings (In Windows Device Manager):

BaudRate: 9600

DataBits: 8

Parity: None

StopBits: 1




The scale uses different communication settings made by the manufacturer and they cannot be changed. When plugged into the POS they must be 9600,7,2,1


For the POS in this case, 2 is REPLACING EVEN, because the POS does not understand what 'EVEN' means.

COM Settings (In Windows Device Manager and the POS Settings):

BaudRate: 9600

DataBits: 7

Parity: 2

StopBits: 1


The scale can be tested in Putty or ComSerialTest with the above com settings. SHIFT and W should produce a weight value in the window. And the POS should pull a weight when pressing the weight key or by using a Force Weigh item (if there is something ON the scale when you press SHIFT W.


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