Logins - Computer System (Cameron)

Employee Paperwork (Bella)

Communication (Internal, Resellers, Merchants)

  • Welcome Letters
  • Initial Outreach calls (Implementation)
  • Fresh Desk Tickets
  • Fresh Chat
  • Google Chat
  • Email communication (cc to support)
  • Calendly
  • Handling Incoming Calls

Merchant Resources

Zen Desk


Creating Account (your demo account) 6IX (PRO for training on other features) - With Bella


Load the 6IX POS app 

Add 2 - 3 Items/Quick picks (Change Sales Price, Add Modifiers)

          Change sales Tax Rate

          Change Receipt Headers/Footers

          Run Sales, Refunds, with Discount, General Item, Tax-exempt

          Add Customer

          Employee clock in/out (reports)

mInventory App

Load mInventory on the phone

          Add items from mInventory

          Receive on mInventory

nGauge App

Load nGauge on the phone

          Add employees from nGauge         

Fully understand 6IX POS, nGauge, mInventory

Teachable - Complete  

Device Setup Forms

Device Set up Form - Retail (Bella)

Device Set up Form - Restaurant

Kick-off Calls with Bella

Sign up for 6IX Webinar, Servio Webinar

End of The Day

  • General understanding of creating accounts (license levels)
  • Master 6IX and mobile apps
  • General understanding of Servio 
  • Device Setup Forms

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