How to download Inventory List?


The following are a few simple instructions that will have you download the inventory and create accurate CSV files in no time.

Steps for saving the item file without losing the ItemID/UPC format

Step 1:

Get the Item listing report on CAS ( Reports --> Listings --> Inventory ID )

1. Select Type Item 

2. press Generate

3. Press Download CSV (drag file to your desktop)


Follow the steps below if you want to preserve leading zeros on ItemID/UPC.

Step 2:

To open the file --> Right-click on the file --> Press Open With -->Notepad

Now you have the items in notepad - the ItemID's should look good with lead zero's and no scientific notation

On the File press Control A (So all in the file are selected/highlighted)

Press Control C (to copy all) Or Right Click --> Copy


Step 3:

Open Excel (you have a blank worksheet)

In the first column/row, put your cursor and paste the copied data Control P. You will see all of your items but in column A

1. Highlight column A and

2. Navigate to the Excel Tab --> Data

3. Select Text to Column and you will have a Wizard pop up

4. Step 1 of 3 Leave at Delimited

5. Press Next


6. Step 2 of 3 Delimiters Change to Comma

7. Press Next


8. Step 3 of 3 Highlight the first column (ItemID)

9. Change from General to Text


10. Highlight the second column (UPC)

11. Change from General to Text

 12. Press Finish


The file is in a good format so that your itemID's and UPC's are saved correctly

When you save this file, save it as an Excel Worksheet file (this way you can save and close and reopen without losing the itemID format)

Once you are ready to import also create a csv file for the correct import format

DOWNLOAD the Sample Format for Smart Imports attached below

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