How to program Barcode scanner ?


retailcloud apps support different type of scanners. Setting up and is functioning depends on app , hardware setup and its compatibility. 

Introduction to Barcode Scanners

All supported scanner falls into these types and modes.  Refer to the compatibility of the Scanner modes and types 

Scanner Types 

  1. Non Integrated 
  2. Integrated ( Physically attached to the machine )

Scanner Modes 

  1. Keyboard Mode
  2. HID Mode
  3. Default 
Hardware Scanner Type Scanner Mode
Elo Paypoint Integrated HID
Elo Paypoint Plugged in External USB Keyboard
Elo iSeries Plugged in External USB Keyboard
Windows Plugged in External USB Keyboard
PAX E 5/6/7/800 Plugged in External USB Keyboard
PAX A920 Integrated Default 
Any of Above Bluetooth Keyboard
Hardware & Scanner Modes


Scanner Test

  1. Make sure scanner is turned on and can read barcodes. This can be verified by scanning a barcode which will detect the barcode and beep or have a red laser light shows up
  2. Navigate to Transaction Cart and scan the product . If the scanner is successfully setup 
    1. Item will be added to cart  OR 
    2. A prompt will show asking if you want to add the product to the cart. 

Printing Barcodes

  • Generate Barcode from CAS Portal . See more details about creating barcodes
  • Generate Barcodes using your compatible Receipt Printer on Windows POS.
  • Generate Barcode using Inventory360 Mobile App and Zebra Printers 
  • Generate Barcode using LabelT , an WYSIWIG web application for creating barcode templates and barcodes. 


Q : Scanner Lights up, Scans but no products are added to cart or no prompt is shown

Solution : Most common reason for this is the scanner is not programmed to have a carriage return ( Enter ) at the end of the scan data. This can be fixed by reconfiguring the scanner to have a carriage return at the end. See below the steps for specific models. If you do not find instructions for specific model  purchased please reach out to support for help.

If the scanner was purchased through different source , please reach out to their support channel and request the scanner configuration. 

Q : Bluetooth Socket Scanner is not working

Solution : A possible reason are 

  1. The scanner is not setup in Keyboard mode . Make sure that the scanner is in Keyboard mode. Scanners Users manual have instructions to do this. 
  2. Scanner bluetooth is not paired with the POS device

Q : Elo Paypoint Integrated scanner is not scanning any products on Zero POS

Solution :

  1. Elo Paypoint Integrated scanner functions only in HID mode. Make sure they are HID mode. 
  2. Make sure the settings Configuration --> Hardware --> Devices --> Set to Elo

Q :  I have product which needs to read UPC-E 

Solution :

UPC-E is a 6-digit code, that has its equivalent in UPC-A 12-digit code with number system 0 or 1. If you buy large pack from your wholesaler and sell individual units of items then the units may be barcoded with UPC-E. If your scanner model supports this scanner can be configured to do this. Currently Code Scanners supported by retailcloud supports this Symbology. Please see the Scanner model specific instruction to convert this. 

Q :  How to setup POS to read my Deli / Meat Scale which has Embedded Barcodes

Solution :

retailcloud support both Embedded Barcodes ( Weight & Price ).

  1. Setup the products SKU_TYPE as Price Embedded or Weight Embedded.
  2. Make sure to configure your deli scale in the below format . Click here to learn more about product setup
  • Price Embedded ( 02XXXXXYPPPPY ) or 
  • Weight Embedded (2XXXXXYWWWWY )

Scanner Setup Guides

All supported scanner falls into these types and modes.  Refer to the compatibility of the Scanner modes and types 

  • Code CR50  Scanner Guide
  • IDTech 
  • Elo Paypoint 

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