Tikt Release Notes


Release 1.7.1

Date : 18 / 03 / 2022

download__1_.png  New

  • Implemented Reorder Feature
    • Now you can reorder the items that were ordered before through reorder Page

Release 1.7.0

Date : 25 / 02 / 2022

download__1_.png  New

  • Customer Profile
    • Now patrons will be able to view their customer profile, add or remove their preferences from the menu screen.
    • On inServ, these allergies will be visible on the table view, so that the server/expeditor gets a heads up on guests’ dietary preferences.

Release 1.6.9

Date : 14 / 02 / 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Bug Fixes 

  • When multiple tables are merged, allocated fees on order level are not recalculated properly.
  • When no items are present on the cart, fees would still show up
  • When a table is made available before placing an order, tikt would still allow the order to flow instead of clearing the session and navigating the user to a `Thank You` Page.
  • After checkout, tax & fees would not show up on the tax & fees popup
  • After checkout, the split check feature would not work properly always, sometimes showing a loading animation indefinitely.
  • After checkout, if we scan the same QR code that we used to log in, Tikt will navigate to the menu page of the previous session, instead of prompting for a new session.
  • When a discount/comp is applied from inServ, check details are not updated in real-time.

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