Zero POS Release Notes


Release v5.5.9

Date: 28 Sep 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • The VenueNext sale split is not able to return.
  • Split refunds are not working with LAVA (with FreedomPay)
  • Newly created users can't log in without sync

Release v5.5.8

Date: 14 Sep 2022


  • Factor4 gift card Integration

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Login button overlapping issue
  • Payout transaction posting as a sales transaction
  • Subtotal showing wrong values
  • Variable item or variable payout item clubbing together
  • Reprint of Retrieve exchange transaction receipt crash
  • Fixed issue with gift card swiping not working on S300
  • Loyalty points resetting to 0 points if customer details are modified
  • USB printer not working for android 10 and above
  • PLU Movement amounts multiplying with quantity
  • Receipts printing with previous transaction details 

Known Issues

  • Alignment issues in receipts for Star 650 TSP printer --> for items with a large name the alignment 
  • If Factor4 is configured by Store level, when switching to STS will also show STS configuration by Store level, even if STS has gift configuration by Register level. Here gift configurations are not fetching in its hierarchy level
  • Enabling a pay mode (which is not configured in DB) from ZEROPOS is showing an error message as shown below
  • Sale Transactions will not disappear from the list even after a Refund and Void of these transactions

Release v5.5.7

Date: 22 Aug 2022

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Invoice payment flow changes

Release v5.5.2

Date: 10 May 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed- Customer-level item-based price book is applied without a customer in the cart.
  • Fixed- VenueNext/SkiData/Lava does not focus on the search box by default.
  • Fixed- Unable to print suspend transaction.

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Save payment additional info like EMV tags

Release v5.5.1

Date: 29 Apr 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed- EOD - Employee Time Card page is not updating.
  • Fixed-Transaction Level coupons not considering the Coupon discount on submitting payment.
  • Fixed-Multi item discount not applying for LAVA/SKIDATA/VENUENEXT tenders.

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Tenders enable and disable configuration improvements

Release v5.5.0

Date: 27 Apr 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed issue with close bank crashing if there is a comma in the amount
  • LAVA, SKIDATA - content hiding if there 3 or discounts
  • Remember Password makes other users log in with the same account
  • Customer receipt is also printing merchant receipt
  • No search for item attribute selection in advanced item search
  • The app is suddenly showing a black blank screen sometimes
  • The new quick pick crashes when adding items to quick pages
  • Fixed the issue of app crash when deleting items from the cart
  • App crashes when the attached customer first name is null or empty Few other crash fixes which reported in firebase crash logs

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Barcode and QR code scan support for promotions
  • VenueNext popup UI changes
  • Removed the scheduler feature

Release v5.4.12

Date: 21 Apr 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Sunmi printer is not printing a receipt for split cc and suspends transactions

Release v5.4.11

Date: 19 Apr 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Removed the retry policy on timeout and increase the default timeout for payment APIs
  • Double-clicking on the donation button adds items from the quick pick
  • Fixed showing wrong transaction in reprint receipt dialog
  • Changed the transaction date format in the email receipt
  • Fixed issue with showing sale/refund transaction on final dialog instead of the exchange transaction number
  • Return processing as a sale when we have 0 priced sale transaction

Release v5.4.10

Date: 04 Apr 2022

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Support for SUNMI cash drawer

Release v5.4.8

Date: 01 Apr 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Quick pick pages are not displaying as per register, store, and venue level configuration - (FQFI - Merchant Issue)
  • Email sale receipt showing Tax included amount on subtotal, instead, it should show without tax
  • Gift Configurations (Fixed the GiftStSSettings Migration Crash on Cash Transaction)
  • Cayan Store and Forward (Fixed SSL certificate Bypassing Issue)

Release v5.4.7

Date: 24 Mar 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Cayan Store and Forward Implementation
  • Gift Configurations Fetch and Update Platform API
  • LAVA - Issue in Refund txn
  • Showing negative loyalty points for the customer
  • Navigation from the home page to configuration takes time
  • Remember password makes other users login with the same account
  • Sunmi printer keeps defaulting back to USB instead of staying on SUNMI and also prints two copies of the receipt.
  • Customer receipt is also printing merchant receipt
  • The app is crashing when the FreedomPay payment setup is not configured

Release v5.4.6

Date: 8 Mar 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Venue Level Tax Override
  • Cash Balances Difference between the DSR and Close Bank
  • Can create tax-inclusive items without assigning tax
  • Refund Transaction is showing in the list searched with the transaction number
  • Loyalty points redemption issue
  • Cash balance doubling the cash sale on the closing bank receipt
  • Gift void is not working in split tender
  • SUNMI printer and scanner Integration
  • Transaction number validation from API to avoid duplicated transactions
  • The app is freezing on item screen after platform QOH API integration
  • Void Transaction is Not Working for Non-PAX Devices

Release v5.4.5

Date: 3 Feb 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • CDS not showing the Selling price
  • Transaction search is not looking cloud or other registers in reprint receipt
  • LAVA: creating and adding a customer to transaction from lava member search
  • LAVA discount should attach to the matching RC discount
  • Return transaction is processing as an exchange when we delete an item
  • PAX connection failure transactions retrieving improvements

Release v5.4.4

Date: 21 Jan 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • The exchange transaction number doesn’t allow to activation of the gift card.
  • SKIDATA, LAVA, and Venuenext loaded value content are hiding when we have more discounts fields.
  • Refund/Exchange transactions are not showing in a reprint.
  • Fixed payment tenders not printing on an exchanged reprint.
  • Changed void transaction message and text color and font for a clear view.
  • Changed error message to ”Transaction Not Found" in reprint receipt.

Release v5.4.3

Date: 12 Jan 2022

1838371.png Enhancement

  • Removed old QOH API completely, used platform QOH API in inventory adjustments and product list as 1.0 QOH API is not considering online store transaction.

download__1_.png Feature

  • Implement Cost + Preset Percentage Discount.

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • The daily sales report and Z report show the same header.
  • The split transaction screen is able to close without finishing the transaction.
  • Authdotnet table posting different transaction date instead postransaction table date.
  • Removed volley retry policy as it keeps retrying when the network or server is down.
  • SKIDATA: Fixed SKIDATA is charging the full amount without reducing the discount when we apply the transaction-level discount.
  • SKIDATA: Fixed SKIDATA payment dialog doesn't have a close button to close the dialog.
  • SKIDATA - LAVA: Fixed split-screen not updating the transaction total on UI if we apply the discount from lava/SKIDATA.
  • SKIDATA - LAVA: Hided lava/SKIDATA discounts on refund
  • LAVA: Fixed lava unverified refunds processing as VOID transaction and failing the transaction.
  • LAVA: Fixed lava return transaction reference number is not saving in splittendertransaction table.
  • LAVA: Restricted partial refunds in lava as lava not supporting and the transaction is getting fail.
  • Gift tender crashes when mid and tid are not configured.

Release 4.11 

GA Release 01/13/2021

download__1_.png Features

  • Quickpage 2.0 - Ability to create Pages from POS
  • Quickpage 2.0 - Unlimited Pages / Tabs on the menu with Unlimited Items
  • Option to add Comments to each item
  • Option to add a Void / Refund Reason to a Transaction
  • Option to mark an item as Shippable
  • ID Verification

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Bug Fixes

  • Bundling Items on CDS
  • Issues with certain Embedded Barcodes
  • Crash Fixes
  • A lot of improvements

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