mInventory Release Notes


Release 1.9.14

Date: 11 May 2023

Fixes.png Fix

  • Fixed the issue of app registration showing "Server Error" with special character password

Release 1.9.11

Date: 07/11/2022

Fixes.png Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where QOH not showing properly for items

Release 1.9.8

Date: 27/05/2022

Fixes.png Fixes

  • Fixed issue with adding items through scan/manual entry to a project on item count.

Release 1.7

Date: 06/08/2019


Product search option 

Manual Sync option 

Edit and delete option for products in Receive screen. 

Bug fixes and improvement in adjustment export file, receive products

Known Issues

Decimal keypad issue

Release 1.6


New UI for Item 

Add Additional Options Show and Hide button added 

Language Localization

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