Servio Release Notes


Release 1.1.7

Date: 21 Feb 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Minor UI fixes on Reset password
  • Updated reset password message
  • Fixed servers list not getting updated when service assigning to table
  • Notification performance improvements
  • Order duplicating issue fixes

Release v1.4.9

Date: 18 Feb 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • The issue with the tax-inclusive items.
  • The discount amount is not posted to the DB when an item is returned.
  • Salesperson not added to the transaction.
  • Tax Amount Over and Full Amount issues.
  • The extra amount debiting in the split.
  • SERVIO Refund issues.
  • Wrong tip report on multiple tenders used.

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Added separate tabs to manage reprint receipts for sale, Refund, and exchange.

Release v1.4.8

Date: 1 Feb 2022

download__1_.png Feature

  • Ability to choose tip to refund on return transaction.
  • SUNMI Integration

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed exchange transaction details saving wrong in the server database
  • Edge fee is not reflected on CDS
  • CDS not showing receipt screen
  • The logo image is not wrapping fully on CDS

Release v1.4.7

Date: 12 Jan 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Surcharges on SPLIT payment is not posting to DB
  • Tax-inclusive line items applying the wrong discount
  • Modifiers not showing in sequence in the modifier preview screen
  • App crash on printing tip reports
  • App crash on sending items to the CDS
  • App crash when saving order items, when one of the ordered items delete
  • EBT payment is processed without validating the EBT eligibility criteria with general phones

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Ability to rearrange the modifiers on POS

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