Servio Release Notes


Release v1.5.9

Date: 08 May 2023

download__1_.png Feature

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Improve app performance
  • Location-level tables and table group
  • Override login should be offline first


  • Offline is not working for some server outage scenarios
  • Not able to merge 2 BarTab Orders
  • Not able to change PIN and Password of employees
  • Able to update 'Username' from the Employee screen
  • Able to Force clock in/out with all user credentials
  • Increasing the quantity of tax inclusive items gives wrong total

Release v1.5.8

Date: 13 March 2023

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Ability to print Customer Address on Delivery Receipt


  • DSR Split tender sending serial number always 1
  • DSR Sync POS Transaction Issues

Release v1.5.7

Date: 3 March 2023

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Ability to configure Cash Drawer Settings
  • Changed the Order of Printing the Receipt
  • Removed the Signature Prompt after the card swipe
  • Ability to enable/disable the HOLD button


  • Items/Amount doubling on void sale
  • Sales amount doubling issue
  • Kitchen receipt not printing on incremental order items
  • The user login not matching the store location
  • Printing 7 receipts for split transactions
  • Offline transactions are not getting posted back to the server

Release v1.5.5

Date: 15 Feb 2023

download__1_.png Feature

  • New Build Variant for HLSR

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Invoice number format for the specific processor
  • Ability to refund on credit without a card
  • Updated the cart item edit option from on-click to on long click
  • Removed Tax Exempt and No Discount
  • Restricted Cashiers from modifying QP tabs
  • Ability to Reprint Kitchen Receipts
  • Automatically Print Sales Receipts and Kitchen Receipt
  • Added Signature line for the Directors Charge(Store Credit) transaction receipts
  • Ability to Print Register Name on all receipts
  • Permission to edit and delete items from the cart based on roles
  • Added Ticket Number on the transaction receipt


  • The item update push notification is not updating on quick pick
  • The alignment issue on Attendance Report- Detailed
  • Table allocation not resetting during offline mode
  • Loyalty points not updating if a tender is canceled in Split
  • Store and Venue updates removing tax override details on local DB and cache

Release v1.5.4

Date: 25 Jan 2023

download__1_.png Feature

  • Ability to exempt tax for EBT transactions

  • Build variants and automatic build versioning

  • Support for dynamic base URL environment

  • Store/Venue Level Tax Override

  • Ability to get instant updates for changes using pushy notifications.
  • Support for store credit authorization

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Local configuration for enabling Bar Tabs
  • Permission level validation on the app
  • Ability to save payment additional info as EMV tags
  • Quickpick multi-menu support
  • Support for product variants in quick pick
  • Implemented configuration-based Cart QTY decimals
  • Tip adjustment page to go back to the home screen when auto logout is enabled
  • Add Invoice Number for pax transactions
  • DSR Transaction Sync
  • Rearranged the sequence of tabs and icons
  • Ability to Print the Kitchen Receipt on the main printer


  • The rebate fee only taking as a percentage
  • On Split tender for negative exchanges, the amount under payment details are showing as "0" 
  • CDS theme settings overlap the details from Digital Display Carousel
  • Rounding issue while data is posted on the "salesperson" table
  • Showing inactive items on POS even after manual sync or Master sync
  • The Tender's number of transaction count is showing invalid under Media Tender Total on DSR Report
  • The Exchange Transaction count is showing invalid under Activity Counts on DSR Report
  • Hide cost+preset discount
  • The store manager is able to override without permission
  • Permission check for item-level promotion
  • Tax override not getting deleted from the cache memory on manual sync
  • Unverified Refund not working for CASH, CHECK
  • Receipt format issue with Sumni
  • Option to view the Domain, Store and Register details with store default tax and open hours.

  • Tenders configuration local changes sync to the server

  • EBT is not working

  • Txn receipt with Edge fee is showing wrong values

  • Invalid input response on customer add/update

  • Negative Exchange in split is totally wrong

  • Alignment issue while clicking SMS or Email field in receipt screen

  • Media Tender total' in DSR is not showing Gift transactions

  • Loyalty points earned under offline are resetting on sync

  • Refunded items are present in void/Return tab

  • Extra amount can be debited by editing the split amount

  • Amount gets added on refund txn, when split amount is changed manually

  • Split refund is showing unwanted validation message

  • Remove 'MERGED' status from Open orders

  • Occupied tables are empty in other Registers

  • Screen should navigate back to Restaurant mode once new QSR is created

  • Reprint list of Exchange is showing wrong tender details

  • Send to kitchen option is showing in the refund receipt screen

  • Adding modifier item to cart from quickpick page is redirecting to the 1st Quick pick page

  • Crash on batch close, if PAX is not configured

  • Infinite loading on Gift and store credit exchange transactions

  • App is crashing when creating a new qp page if quick pick is not assigned to that store

  • App is navigating to Register screen, when re-open the app after logout and exit

  • Able to login without credential, when re-opening the app

  • Crash when clicking the cancelled order from Open orders

  • Number of item sold in DSR Report is not considering QTY

  • The surcharge is adding to Net sales amount

  • Batch not creating for offline incremental orders

  • The transaction amount is not changed if the modifier is cleared from the cart

  • Transaction level discount is not clearing

  • Item Removal from the cart is not showing correctly in the Customer and Merchant Receipt

Release v1.5.3

Date: 30 Nov 2022

download__1_.png Feature

  • Support for Custom Tenders
  • Sale transactions with custom tenders
  • Split transactions with custom tenders
  • Refund transaction with custom tender
  • Exchange transaction with custom tender
  • Custom tenders support in DSR

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Fetch the latest transactions number from the server
  • Offline request queue for transactions
  • Pagination support for items and customers for faster loading
  • Data services changes and pushy notification structure changes
  • Performance improvements and code optimization in receipt printing
  • Improvements in preventing duplicate checks


  • Fixed app crashing issues
  • Offline transaction issues
  • Showing inactive items on POS even after manual sync or master sync
  • Unable to refund at a different register
  • Delay in showing the receipt print screen after payment
  • Wrong Transaction Activity Count in DSR reports
  • Scanning using keyboard emulation not adding tax from cart items view screen
  • Role access merchant level override not saving properly
  • Able to sell inactivated general merchandise items from the calculator
  • Quick pick showing 'Add' icon if the current active quick pick is deleted or reassigned
  • Removing an item in exchange is not converting the transaction type
  • Crash on exchange with signature
  • Wrong Subtotal on Declined Receipt
  • Timeout on pax payment is doubling the cart items on receipts
  • Remove the VOID SALE option to return transactions
  • Items disappear from the quick pick when an item edit
  • App crashing on orientation change
  • Update PAX POSLink SDK to the latest version
  • Cash drawer is not opening for sale
  • Order detail content hiding if the order has lots of items
  • Orders with no items crashing the app on checkout
  • The issue with redeeming the loyalty points if points to redeem is equal to customer points
  • Duplicating VOID Transactions on timeout retrieval
  • App is crashing while scanning variable items from the cart
  • The login screen is not showing after logging out and logging in back
  • Merchant copy of transaction receipt printing wrong subtotal and surcharge values
  • $ sign is missing on the custom tenders
  • Wrong exchange amount on re-print receipt
  • Restaurant mode gets changed to QSR mode after adding items to the Bar tab
  • Exchange with custom tender is showing unwanted validation
  • Infinite loading on failure card transaction
  • Infinite loading issue when canceling refund/Gift tender in a split transaction 
  • App is crashing on clicking on an attribute from the quick-pick page
  • Items are not showing on the product screen after an item search on 20k+ items

Release v1.5.2

Date: 06 Sep 2022


  • Fixed: App not detecting PAX A60 device for payments

Release v1.5.1

Date: 01 Sep 2022


  • Fixed: Send on Restaurant mode doesn't go back to the table
  • Fixed: App crashes when trying to batch close

Release v1.5.0

Date: 09 May 2022


  • Fixed: Incorrect calculation of modifiers price. Servio not supporting differential type percentage
  • Fixed: Any action just after manual sync is freezing
  • Fixed: Transaction Number not getting posted when PAID on QSR Mode

Release v1.4.10

Date: 28 Mar 2022


  • The previous tip was removed during the second time the card fails on split
  • Clearing salespersons on every transaction failure is removed
  • Tip doubling due to improper management of ECR ref number retrieve
  • Customer data not updated for newly created customers, date of birth validated, request body modified
  • Set userid on the pin login screen for customer creation
  • Exchange fails for gift and store fixes
  • Rebate fee card price wrong on the receipt
  • Modified multi-type is duplicating modifier options on refund
  • Console quick pick updates are not reflecting on manual sync
  • Fixed the wrong customer date value format for the attendance report
  • The wrong count for the number of the exchange transactions, sales by category item sold considered refunded items
  • Force clock out receipt employee name not showing, list not updates on employee time frag
  • The sale transaction number is listed in the return tab even after refunded
  • Restaurant mode pos config updates on login are added
  • Quick Picks are not loading when we have more items
  • The issue in Split (Return transactions ) when clicked outside the refund tip dialog box
  • Invalid clock-in credentials are crashing the application

Release 1.1.7

Date: 21 Feb 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Minor UI fixes on Reset password
  • Updated reset password message
  • Fixed servers list not getting updated when service assigning to table
  • Notification performance improvements
  • Order duplicating issue fixes

Release v1.4.9

Date: 18 Feb 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • The issue with the tax-inclusive items.
  • The discount amount is not posted to the DB when an item is returned.
  • The salesperson was not added to the transaction.
  • Tax Amount Over and Full Amount issues.
  • The extra amount of debiting in the split.
  • SERVIO Refund issues.
  • Wrong tip report on multiple tenders used.

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Added separate tabs to manage reprint receipts for sale, Refund, and exchange.

Release v1.4.8

Date: 1 Feb 2022

download__1_.png Feature

  • Ability to choose tip to refund on return transaction.
  • SUNMI Integration

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed exchange transaction details saved wrong in the server database
  • The edge fee is not reflected on the CDS
  • CDS not showing receipt screen
  • The logo image is not wrapped fully on CDS

Release v1.4.7

Date: 12 Jan 2022

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Surcharges on SPLIT payment is not posted to DB
  • Tax-inclusive line items applying the wrong discount
  • Modifiers not showing in sequence in the modifier preview screen
  • App crash on printing tip reports
  • App crash on sending items to the CDS
  • App crash when saving order items, when one of the ordered items delete
  • EBT payment is processed without validating the EBT eligibility criteria with general phones

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Ability to rearrange the modifiers on POS

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